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Name of the Officer-in-Charge Sri Manotosh Das
Contact Details 03222-274425 (Extn. 426)
Present staff strength of section HC-2, UDA-2, LDA-2,
Gr.D – 4
  1. Supply of certified copies of EM court, Electoral roll, Compensation cases, Certificate cases, Tribal offices, M.V. Cases, J.M. cases and other sections of Collectorate.
  2. Supply of certified copy of Death and Birth Register is kept in the R.R.'s Godown (Block wise / Year wise)
  3. Supply of R.S. Mouza Maps, Thana Maps, District Maps, etc. to other offices such as L.A., P.W.D., Railway, Irrigation etc. as and when required
Citizens interested in obtaining particular record, are required to apply on plain paper with due Court Fee, to the Officer in Charge, Record Room Section.
Acts, Rules, Codes, Schemes administered by the Section
  • Bengal Records Manual
Classification of Records
  • Class A-To be preserved permanently
  • Class B-to be destroyed after 12 years, and
  • Class C- not more that two years
  • Officer-in-Charge of the department will sanction the destruction of these papers.
  •  Receipt and Issue Register should be preserved permanently.
Registers maintained by the Section
  • Issue register
  • Receipt register
  • Movement Register
  • Revenue register
  • Court fee register
  • Petition register of birth and death
  • Register of birth certificate issued
  • Register of death certificate issued
  • Register of searching slip
  • Register of map issued
  • Stock register of map
  • Petition register of PM and court case
  • Petition register of record
No. of inspections carried out in the year 2010-2011  
Major findings of inspections  
Action taken on inspections  
Audit objections pending, if any NIL
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